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How To Choose The Right White

How To Choose The Right White

White isn’t just white.

Everyday we are asked ‘which white should I choose for my walls?’ or ‘can you mix this white?’. It is the most popular colour for home or business interior and exterior projects.

We know you aren’t fooled into thinking its easy to choose a white, that is why you are here searching for the answer!

You have come to the right place, we will guide you to make the white (right 😊) decision.

Types of White

taubmans white and neutrals warm cool colour card bristol paints capalaba

A pure white has no base tint and is rarely used.

Most whites have an underlying colour. The Taubmans Whites and Neutrals brochure is broken down in four parts to reflect these which are:

Cool Whites

Blue/Purple – there is a fine line here between a home which is fresh and relaxing and one which becomes sterile and cold. Taubmans Crisp White for a classic cool or Taubmans Milk Cloud for a softer look.

Green – moody whites, creating a homely feeling

taubmans big white kyal and kara bedroom studio airbnb

Taubmans Big White Photo: Kyal and Kara

Warm Whites

Red - pinky/beige, these can make a home feel warm so be careful using this tone in sun-drenched rooms which will just heat these colours up

Yellow - ends up creamy. These can be classical and pretty if used well. Be aware of closing a small space in with a darker yellow white.

Taubmans Cotton Sheets Bedroom Taubmans Sisal Rope Warm White

Taubmans Cotton Sheets

Test Drive Your White

  1. You can start with our Taubmans Whites and Neutrals brochure, see in-store for your copy
  2. Grab a Brilliant White colour chip or paint out a large swatch (this is Taubmans Endure paint base with no tint added)
  3. Place the colour swatches you like in front of the Brilliant White, the white swatch will come to life and you will see its true colour
  4. Don’t choose a white in artificial light, go outside or into your home to see what will affect the colour (sun and shade etc.)
  5. Consider the sheen level and how it can change your colour -

Low sheen: light won’t reflect as much and colour will stay true

Semi-Gloss/Gloss: light will reflect off colour and change it hue (Add sticky tape across part of the colour swatch to watch how the colour changes with different sheen).

Exterior use: white can look extremely glary, especially with minimal tint. Look at adding tint to get a deeper undertone and heighten the intensity of the colour. Any tint will be diluted from the sun, so test your colour swatch at home to get it right, move it around the home day and night. Test it where you will be sitting, you don’t want to wear Sunnies every time to enjoy your backyard!

What is your lighting plan?

Your light globes and fittings can affect your room greatly. Are you using a warm or cool light globe? A cool light globe paired with cool whites can look very clinical, Doctor visit at home anyone? Warm light globes paired with warm wall colours can heat up a room. Take your lighting into consideration along side your colour swatch.

New or Old

What is your style? Modern, contemporary or classic.

Modern Interiors lean towards brilliant whites and greys, if this is your design style stick with a cooler white.

Classic or heritage interior design trends to be warmer.

Our Team To The Rescue

Still overwhelmed? We would love to help. Book here for your FREE Colour Consultation here -

Coloursmith by Taubmans is another option to create the right white for your paint project. If you have already chosen other key colours in your design (cabinetry doors or a lounge) you can use those colours to ‘tone down’ to a white to match perfectly. Also, ask in store at Bristol Paints Capalaba for more information.

See you in store.


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