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Frequently Asked Questions


I want a colour from another paint brand, can you match it?

Yes, we know when you fall in love with a colour you have got to have it! Let us know the colour and we will match it and tint your paint, no worries.

Can you match old colours which were created years ago?

Sure, we are paint specialists and will accurately match the colour for your project

How do I choose the right white?

A little tutorial on white….

Cool white has blue/grey undertones and can make a space feel cooler. This helps to create a modern, light and airy look. Where it makes a room feel too cold add warm light bulbs to neutralise and magic! You have a relaxed space suiting the Queensland Coastal Climate. 

Warm white has yellow/pink undertones and can be more traditional and create cottage charm. Where you home has cold spaces, add a warm white to make the room more cosy.  Always, look at what colours you are using in your furniture, floors and other walls as these colours will change the colour of your white.

Still unsure, our FREE in store Colour Consultant will help you find the right fit for you.

Half/Quarter/Double Strength colours, can you do this?

Yep, we do this all the time! You may like the colour but need a different version for your space. Reach out and we will get this done for you.

Do you have a fandeck?

Yes, we have the major brand fandecks instore for your perusal.

Do you have a furniture paint?

Yes, we stock a Brisbane owned brand called Canterbury Blue. It is an easy paint to use and will create a shabby sheike, hamptons or boho look just like you imagine.


Can I create a custom colour?

Yes, we have the tools to help you with your individual colour. See in store for Coloursmith by Taubmans and Nix Color Sensor.
  • Download the Coloursmith or Nix app
  • Purchase Coloursmith or Nix instore tools in store
  • We will help you with the rest.

Will my custom colour take longer to make?

No, we tint up your colour as soon as you have created it.


Which brush for my paint project?

  • A large surface such as a wall should be painted with a roller, but around the edges needs to be cut in with a 50mm brush.
  • A large, thick, good quality brush will hold more paint, so less time is wasted dipping.
  • For a larger paint project like a fence use a larger size brush 75mm to 100mm so you can get the job done quicker.
  • Smaller areas such as window frames and skirting boards require more control, so a 25mm to 38mm brush works best.
  • Some brushes are on an angle for greater control, but this comes down to personal preference.

I don’t know my low sheen from my semi-gloss finish?

Don’t overthink it. We will help you in store when you are shopping and make sure your final choice is what you are looking for.

How much paint do I need for my home?

One litre of paint is 12 square meters of coverage. You will need to measure your surface (wall, door etc) and times by the number of coats you need. For a new wall you will need 1 coat of prep paint and generally 2 coats of top coat (the colour you choose). A darker colour will need more coats to gives a thick and creamy finish. Mmmmm…sounds yum!


Where does Bristol Paints Capalaba deliver to?

For orders over 15 Litres

Delivery Redlands Coast suburbs – FREE

All other Deliveries – Enquire in store


Where can I meet the team and order what I need?

We are located next to Reece Plumbing, at the Ney Road/Redland Bay Road traffic lights before you reach the The Deck at the BP Servo in Capalaba. On the Redlands Coast!

Do you know of any good painters?

Yes, we have a database of 100’s of painters from the Redlands, Brisbane and Greater Brisbane areas. We know just who to put you in touch with to get your job done!

Still have a question?

Send us a message!