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Afterpay available | Paint now, pay later
Afterpay available | Paint now, pay later

Rokset Pro Roller Bucket 360mm

by Rokset
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$44.20 - $44.20
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Introducing the Rokset Pro Roller Bucket 360mm: Your Definitive Solution for Painting Excellence.

Unveiling the Marvel: This roller bucket, a paragon of durability, emerges as the masterpiece catering to your painting odyssey. A canvas where more paint meets less refilling, a symphony of efficiency weaving through the strokes.

Features of Grandeur:

  • The Quantum Leap: Capacity to hold beyond tradition, a reservoir for more coverage, less interruption.
  • The Handle's Mastery: A handle locked in stability, the antidote to spills, a mobility that defines ease.
  • Material Crafted to Perfection: A testament to resistance against chemicals, the polypropylene armor, built to outlast time.
  • The Symphony of Cleaning: Beyond durability, the tale weaves into ease of cleaning, a painting experience devoid of hassle.
  • The Pour of Efficiency: Two spouts embrace the canvas, conduits for the unused paint's exit, an ode to efficiency.

Dimensions Encompassing Ambitions: A welcoming embrace to paint rollers, as broad as 360mm, a stage for both minuscule touch-ups and grand panoramas.

A Companion to Dreams: Professional painter or an ardent DIY enthusiast, the Rokset Pro Roller Bucket is your herald to flawless painting realms.

A Note to Companions: As a caveat, the lid finds its home as a separate entity, while the liners provide an escape route for swift clean-ups. And as you journey, the world of Bowens unfurls, alongside an expanse of paints, crafting a landscape for your needs.

Elevate the Easel: Redefine your painting saga with the Rokset Pro Roller Bucket 360mm. The canvas of transformation beckons – order your masterpiece today, and feel the symphony of difference with each stroke.
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