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Afterpay available | Paint now, pay later
Afterpay available | Paint now, pay later

Rolon Single Goldstripe 12mm x 230mm

by Rolon
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Rolon Single Goldstripe 12mm x 230mm: The Ultimate Roller for a Perfectly Smooth Finish

Key Benefits:

  • Unrivalled quality and durability.
  • German-produced fabric with reduced lint for flawless results.
  • Specially twisted and partly opened fabric to increase paint holding capacity.
  • Ideal for both water-based and oil-based paints.
  • Versatile use for various painting projects, including glossing doors.
  • Available in a classic white color with a distinctive yellow line.
  • Size: 230mm (9 inches) for hassle-free coverage.
Achieve professional-grade painting results with the Rolon Single Goldstripe Roller. This high-quality roller is highly regarded in the market for its exceptional performance. The exclusive German-produced fabric is made from continuous poly-amide fibers, reducing lint for a clean painting experience.

The fabric's unique construction, with twisted and partly opened fibers, enhances paint holding capacity, ensuring efficient coverage and a smooth finish. Whether you're using water-based or oil-based paints, this roller is designed to deliver excellent results.

Experienced painters appreciate that even worn-down rollers can be used for glossing doors, showcasing the roller's longevity and versatility.

The Goldstripe Roller is now available with two yellow stripes for those who prefer the original fabric design. The choice between the original and stapled versions depends on personal preference and the project at hand. Stapled fabrics are recommended for undercoats to ensure the removal of any loose fibers that may occur due to the fabric's construction.

Add a touch of professional finesse to your painting projects with the Rolon Single Goldstripe Roller. Its 230mm (9 inches) size ensures optimal coverage, making your painting process faster and more efficient. Get ready to transform your space with ease using this premium roller.
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