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Afterpay available | Paint now, pay later

Monarch 100mm Microfibre Mini Roller Kit with Grid - 10mm Nap 8-Pack

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Upgrade your painting game with the Monarch 100mm Microfibre Mini Roller Kit. This pack includes 8 rollers with a 10mm nap, ensuring smooth and even coverage for all your painting projects.

What sets this kit apart is the inclusion of a convenient metal mesh grid. This 120mm x 215mm grid can be used with any 2-4L paint can or painters bucket, eliminating the need for a paint tray. Say goodbye to messy spills and hello to more mobility.

Perfect for smaller painting tasks like doors, trims, cupboards, touch-ups, and confined spaces, this kit has you covered. The microfibre fabric offers different variations to suit your needs. The 4mm nap is ideal for achieving gloss or semi-gloss finishes, while the 10mm nap ensures excellent pick-up and release for a smooth, flawless finish. The 11mm nap fabric provides greater coverage, making it perfect for getting into grooves, nooks, crannies, or rough surfaces.

Unleash your creativity and tackle any painting project with ease. This Monarch kit is a must-have for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Grab yours now and experience the convenience and superior performance of the Monarch 100mm Microfibre Mini Roller Kit with Grid.

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