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Afterpay available | Paint now, pay later

Mötsenböcker Liftoff #5 Acrylic Paint Remover 650ml

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Mötsenböcker Liftoff #5 Acrylic Paint Remover: The Ultimate Solution for Latex-Based Paint Removal

Key Benefits:
• Patented water-based and biodegradable formula specifically designed to remove latex-based paints.
• Works on all surfaces including carpets, clothing, upholstery, brick, and concrete.
• Versatile - ideal for cleaning tools and removing overspray.
• Available in three different sizes - 133ml, 651ml, and 3.78L.

Ideal for removing:
• Latex aerosol
• Latex enamel
• Latex low, semi & high-gloss paint
• Paint overspray
• Linseed oil
• Water-based sealer
• Wet & dry paint
• Stencil paint
• Wood stains

Works on various surfaces:
• Carpet, fabric & clothing 
• Vinyl & rubber 
• Plastic, glass & fiberglass 
• Metal & tools 
• Wallpaper 
• Hardwood floors 
• Brick, stone & stucco 
• Countertops 
• Lawn furniture 

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