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Afterpay available | Paint now, pay later
Afterpay available | Paint now, pay later

For Hire: Spray Gun - 24hr

Original price $125.00 - Original price $475.00
Original price
$125.00 - $475.00
Current price $125.00
Make your paint project a breeze and get back to enjoying your new space sooner.

Airless Spray Gun for hire

  • Daily hire available.
  • How to use instructions and support.
  • Book Online or See in Store for details and booking.

You will need a specific size spray tip, this is unique to your paint project. We suggest consulting us before making a purchase decision. 

About Tips: We commonly sell the 517, as these are recognised as standard, versatile size for various applications. Airless spray gun tips are designated with a three-digit number like 515. The initial digit corresponds to the width of the spray fan. When this first digit is doubled and the spray is applied at a distance of about 300mm from the surface, the resulting measurement is the fan width. For example, with a 515 tip, doubling the first digit results in a 25cm fan width. The last two digits indicate the size of the hole through which the paint is sprayed. A higher number indicates a larger hole, allowing more paint to pass through. This measurement is expressed in thousandths of an inch (Thou). To illustrate, both a 508 and a 515 tip have a similar fan width of around 25cm, but they differ in hole size. The 508 has a hole size of 0.02 cm, while the 515 has a hole size of 0.038 cm. The 508 is better suited for thinner paints compared to the 515. 

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