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Our Top Tips For Selecting Your Feature Wall Wallpaper

Our Top Tips For Selecting Your Feature Wall Wallpaper

Feature walls are a popular way to make a statement with your home decor and they will bring interest to a room. However, choosing your feature wall wallpaper can be daunting. There are so many colours, patterns, and styles to choose from! You want to make an impression, but you don’t want to go way out of your comfort zone and regret it later. After all, feature walls are usually with you for years and can perhaps influence prospective buyers if you decide to sell in the future. We’re here to share our top tips for selecting your feature wall wallpaper so that you can feel confident in your decision.

What To Avoid When Choosing Your Feature Wall Wallpaper

A feature wall is a somewhat artistic endeavour. As such, there are some creative mistakes that can be easily avoided with some guidance. Some of the poor decisions people make when selecting feature wall wallpaper include:

  • Choosing wallpaper that is too busy for the room. If you have a lot of furniture, photos, or a very small room, a busy wallpaper can make the room feel too crowded.

  • Opting for a wallpaper that is too light or simple. If you know the room gets a lot of traffic, especially if you have kids or pets, choosing a plain or light coloured feature wall wallpaper makes wear and tear as well as marks and dirt much more obvious.

  • Selecting a wall at random for their feature wall wallpaper. A feature wall should be a highlight and add interest to a room. There’s not much point in having a feature wall that doesn’t get much attention (ie. behind the entry to a room). Place your feature wall wallpaper at the focal point of the room (ie. behind the TV, bed, or mantel) so that people’s eyes are drawn to it.

What To Look For When Choosing Your Feature Wall Wallpaper

Now that we’ve covered what not to do, there are also some general principles we can outline for you to make sure the wallpaper you choose adds value and creativity to your home. To select the best wallpaper for your space, we recommend that you:

  • Choose a wall without windows. This will give your feature wall the most impact as windows can take away from the aesthetic of a feature wall. If you are choosing a wall with windows, however, we suggest going for a simpler pattern.

  • Use complementary colours. If you already have furniture in the room, choose a wallpaper that coordinates with the colours. If you have neutral coloured furniture, a bold wallpaper will work nicely. In contrast, if your decor is patterned or colourful, a more neutral wallpaper might work better.

  • Think artistically. The purpose of a feature wall is to stand out and accentuate the space. You don’t necessarily need to cover the whole wall, and you certainly don’t need to cover more than one wall with your feature wall wallpaper.

Ready To Choose Your Feature Wall Wallpaper?

While there are a few elements to consider before choosing the wallpaper for your feature wall, it can be a really fun and rewarding project that adds value to your home. Above all, you want to make sure you select wallpaper that you enjoy looking at and that feels like your style. Talk to our wallpaper experts at Bristol Paints Capalaba for help choosing your feature wall wallpaper. We also provide colour consultations which can assist you to coordinate the space. Contact us to learn more or call us on (07) 3245 4558 to chat to our friendly team.

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