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Upcycling Ideas: Best Paint For Furniture

Upcycling Ideas: Best Paint For Furniture

As the world calls for more environmental awareness, many of us have begun to consider ways to live more sustainably. One of the easiest - and most fun - ways to reduce waste from discarded furniture is to upcycle your old furniture. Instead of throwing out furniture that looks faded or doesn’t match your new colour scheme, why not try restoring and revamping it with paint? It’s quick, fun, and affordable! Upcycling can give your old furniture a new look and save it from becoming landfill. In this article we share how you can give your furniture a new lease on life as well as the best paint for upcycling different kinds of furniture.

How you can upcycle old furniture with paint

It is amazing what a coat of paint or two can do for an old piece of furniture. There is also something to be said about the satisfaction that transforming an old table, chest of drawers, or cabinet can bring you. Even if you are buying second hand furniture that is looking a little worse for wear, it is great to know that you can bring it back to life using something as simple as paint. It means you get to save money on new furniture, and feel good knowing that quality furniture isn’t wasting away in landfill.

What you will need to upcycle your old furniture:

  • Paint specific to your furniture material
  • Optional: primer, sandpaper and dust brush

Best paint for upcycling furniture

Depending on what kind of furniture you are looking to upcycle, you will need to select the right paint to properly adhere to the material and give you the desired finish. For example, you wouldn’t use the same paint on a timber table as you would on a metal gate. Nor would you use the same paint for timber as you would with plywood. If you’re not sure, you can talk to the experienced team at Bristol Paints Capalaba to determine what paint is best for your upcycling project.

Best paint for wooden furniture

Your best bet when painting wooden furniture is to apply a primer first to ensure the paint sticks to the surface and doesn’t peel off. We offer furniture paint that doesn’t require any sanding or prep. However, if your furniture is varnished, you may need to sand it back to make sure the primer and paint adheres properly.

Best paint for plywood furniture

A coat of paint can make a big difference to worn plywood furniture. We recommend our all-in-one paint which has a built-in primer for easy application and quick results!

Best paint for metal furniture

If you are looking to freshen up some metal fencing or gates, painting is a great way to give them a new look and a new life. If the metal is already painted and it has begun to flake, or it has started rusting, you may need to brush off the protruding flakes or rust to give yourself a nice smooth surface to paint over. We recommend two coats of primer and enamel paint to ensure a quality finish that lasts.

Best paint for acrylic / plastic furniture

As with varnished wooden furniture, you will likely require a primer to make sure the paint adheres to the acrylic surface. This will prevent the paint from peeling once it’s dry. We offer primer and paint in spray form for acrylic to ensure a nice even finish - you could also add a gloss coating for a lovely shine!

Would you like a painting consultation for your upcycling project?

You will find all the paint and painting supplies you need for your furniture upcycling project at Bristol Paints Capalaba. Our friendly paint specialists are always happy to provide painting consultations to make sure you find the best paint and accessories for your particular project. Contact us here or give us a call today on 07 3245 4558 to enquire about upcycling your old furniture with paint.

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